Blind Pass at Sunrise

blind pass sunrise

There is something magical about being on the beach before the sun rises over the horizon. It’s quiet. So still. All you can hear is the sound of the waves and the wind. It’s my favorite time of day.

This morning, I was shelling at Blind Pass on Sanibel and I found some interesting items. The first one was this shell fossil. I like it!


Then I found this absolutely gorgeous Florida cone. As you know, I’m really attracted to the orange shells (Go Canes!) but I about lost my breakfast when I turned it over and there was actually a critter inside! NO WAY! UGH! Critter was orange, too. Stupid critter! So, I took a good photo and put him back. Dang!

Florida Cone Shell, occupied!
Florida Cone Shell, occupied!

Oh well, he’ll be there again someday…empty. Until then, go to shell!

Whelk-come to the Weekend

whelk occupied

Happy weekend shellers!

I got a warm whelk-come to Sanibel this morning. This lovely lightning whelk was in the water near shore at low tide at Blind Pass on Sanibel. Unfortunately, as you can see, it was occupied by a critter, so I had to put it gently back in the water. As you know, it’s against the law to keep live shells in Lee County. Florida law states that you can keep live shells in every other county IF you have an offshore saltwater fishing license.

Do you keep live shells where you are?  Yes, or no, I hope you can go to shell soon!

whelk side view