Starfish and a Cockle

nine-arm starfish and big cockle shell on Sanibel.
nine-arm starfish and big cockle shell on Sanibel.

You never know what you’re going to find on a beach walk. This morning, I found this beautiful nine-armed starfish and a gorgeous, big cockle. The starfish was on the move, too! He was dancing in the morning light. Low tide brought out some incredible sights. Hey, that rhymes!

Wentletrap: What it means, Where to get one


While going through my shelling guide, I realized that I didn’t have a wentletrap. How can that be? So, taking the advice of the guide, and other shellers, I headed to the Lighthouse on Sanibel. And there she was! Right on the shore on the low tide line. In the photo, she’s laying there right above the drawing of the wentletrap. Cool beans, people!

These are such beautifully detailed shells, don’t you think? I can see why it’s named for a spiral staircase in German. I’m in love. How many do you have? I got a few that morning but this one is my favorite.