Rose Murex – My First

rose murex

I just had to stop at the Sanibel Causeway to put my toes in the water one last time before I drove back to the east coast. Glad I did. I walked down to the end, closest to Sanibel, and I started to notice a whole bunch of minis in the sand (mini tulips, lightning whelks, wentletraps, augers…). I sat for a moment to dig a bit when this pop of red color appeared. I wasn’t even sure exactly what it was since I’d never found one before, but it’s a Rose Murex! A very deep colored one, too. I love her 🙂


Hello shellers!


Hi. Here’s a quick intro. My name is Jill and I’m a seashell freak. I love them. I especially love to hunt for them on the beaches of Southwest Florida (or anywhere for that matter). No, I don’t keep live shells. I take a photo of them and gently put them back.

I live in South Florida so I frequent the beaches down this way, from Miami and Islamorada to Marco and Siesta Key. So, if you’re a shell lover like me, follow my blog! I’d love to hear about your finds, too.

I’ll be writing about the different beaches where I shell and what folks are finding there. I’ll also be writing about where to stay and play while you’re in the area. If you have questions, just ask. I’m on twitter @FlaFamilyGuru (trying to get gotoshell at the moment)! Stay tuned.

That big horse conch in the photo was found right behind the West Wind Inn on West Gulf Drive on Sanibel. He went back in the water after his photo.