Rainbows and Pelicans


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, shellers! Check out that pretty glimpse of a rainbow in the clouds. Makes my day. And look at that calm water!

three pelicans

Then, as if on queue, three pelicans flew over (well, under) the rainbow! Just had to share this small slice of paradise.


Here are a few of my finds…now, go to shell!

A Rainbow of Scallops With Some Jingles

scallop rainbow

I just love the colors that you can find in scallop shells. All colors, all sizes. My sister loves the zigzag scallops so I always pick up some of those for her 🙂


I also found a handful of jingles in just a few minutes. The black and orange got me thinking about fall already and it’s not even summer.

lace murex hiding

This was my last fun find of the day, a lace murex hiding amid the wrack line. Score! Now, it’s your turn to Go To Shell!

Sanibel Shells – Fine Specimens


Sanibel favorite shells
Sanibel favorite shells

This morning was worth waking up for. These beautiful specimens were found while walking by the Sanibel Lighthouse, in the water. Lace murex, lightning whelk, shark eye moon, colorful coquina, juvenile horse conch, and an auger.

What did you find today? I hope you got to go to shell!