Holy Horse Conchs

The Fab Five Horse Conchs

Well, it was an epic day. These five horse conchs are not even thoroughly cleaned yet but look how gorgeous they are! And huge! I was at Gulf Side Park on Sanibel early in the morning, at sunrise, and these EMPTY horse conchs were just waiting for me in the water. It was the perfect low tide (7am) and there was hardly anyone on the beach. I couldn’t even carry them all back. I actually gave one away to two little girls and their parents. That felt good. It’s nice when you can share a gift, and these were definitely a gift!

When I have them all cleaned and shined, I’ll post again, so you can see the difference. I have to tell you, these shells STINK. I have had them soaking in bleach for days (half bleach, half water) and the stench is still in them. There must be pieces of the animal stuck up in there. Jeff from the She Sells Sea Shells store on Periwinkle (he’s an avid shell collector) told me to go put them in an ant pile, so I did. I’ll go get them back from the ants in a week or two. Then, soak them again. And oil ’em up real good with mineral oil. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, go to shell!